Monday, May 05, 2008

Lvl 30, Dlvl 29, Human Knight, petrified by a cockatice

Did you know that yesterday was the new moon. I do. Cause the cockatrice attack is guaranteed on new moons. I didn't get the lizard corpse out in time.

This was my absolute best game ever. I could cast Identify with a 0% fail rate. I had finally found some gauntlets of power, it was rocking. I sacrificed and got Grayswandir. I had run into about 6 nurses in various places and got my hp up over 300. Via several sucubi I was level 30 before I went past the Valley of the Dead, where I died on the first level thereafter.

There's a priest of Moloch in the valley and I wanted his robe as a backup. There happened to be a Jabberwock standing next to him when I saw him the second time. I slipped my ring of conflict on and he was gone in a hurry. I was wearing green dragon scale mail as it was the only kind I had found so far. The a silver dragon finally dropped some scales.

This was gonna be the one. But that frickin' cockatrice got me. Bummer.

1272618 points
89502 moves

Lvl 7, Dlvl 4 (Sokoban), Human Healer, Killed by a bolt of lightning

I hadn't tried a healer for as long as I could remember so I gave it a shot. And I was thinking that I usually die somewhere in the Mines so maybe I should stay the hell out of there for a while. This game I went for Sokoban and was doing quite well. Cleared out the treasure zoo and had the bag of holding. There was this nymph. I cornered her and Sokoban is a no teleport level. Then she stole all my wands and started zapping me with them. One of them was a wand of lightning.

7403 points
8435 moves

Lvl5, Dlvl 5, Human Rogue, killed by a wand

Some random orc had a wand.

1689 points
2017 moves

Friday, April 25, 2008

Lvl 4, Dlvl 5, Human Tourist, killed by a minotaur, while helpless

Again, I'm pretty sure this was a chameleon as I wasn't hallucinating and it kept changing. Not clear on why I was helpless.

Lvl 8, Dlvl 8, Human Samurai, killed by a water troll, while helpless

Not really sure what happened here. I walked through a door I had been through before. I was put to sleep in a cloud of gas. I'm pretty sure it was a chameleon though as the first thing to hit me was a baby crocodile. Hachi triggered a rolling boulder trap on us early on. He didn't make it.

Lvl 12, Dlvl 6, Elf Priest, killed by an air elemental

This one started off real bad. I wanted to play an elf and decided to try a priest as I hadn't done one of those in some time. My kitten died on turn 47. There was a ring shop and I figured at least one mimic so I was trying to be careful. Turns out there were 2 small mimics and one giant mimic and about 9 killer bees heading down the hallway. I survived that. Lots of Elbereth. Fortunately healing was one of my starting spells.

I made it down to Minetown where I sacrificed 3 unicorns and got Orcrist and Sting. Which was awesome as those became unrestricted to me. So I had some decent weapons. The lower mine got dangerous really quick so I went down to the Oracle. In that vicinity I found a spellbook of identify. Oh yeah. That was awesome. No more guessing. I cleared out Sokoban and went back to Minetown hoping to dilute some stuff and get some more holy water.

An air elemental happened by and things were over fairly quick. Which sucked as this was going great.

93761 points
20661 moves

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lvl 12, Dlvl 6, Human Barbarian, killed by Mr. Nenilukah, the shopkeeper

So I got greedy. I finished Mine's End. And was cleaning up Minetown. I killed all the watch, but only got to sacrifice one of them. The watch captain almost got me. I had Jubilex and Yeenghou summoned. I had never done this before so I thought I'd give it a try, sacrificing humans to get rid of demons. I took out one of the shopkeepers and was trying to get the other one mad so I could slaughter Keystone Kops. I tried the digging a hole thing but it was a small shop and he took all my stuff. I tried to get it back but he whooped on me with my own battle axe.

I had two pairs of lenses. Kinda weird.

67086 points
13141 moves

Lvl 5, Dlvl 4, Human Archealogist, killed by a pony

Too many trap doors. Wasn't ready for what I ran into.

Lvl 7, Dlvl 7, Dwarf Valkyrie, killed by a rotted killer bee corpse

This was kind of a fluke that I gave up on. I let the game randomly select my roll to test out some new config settings I had just worked out. I stayed out of the mines for the most part and got down to the Oracle. Where I saw 8 or 10 killer bees. I took care of most of them using Elbereth and running back upstairs. Near the end one poisoned me and my strength dropped to 9. After killing them all I tried one of the corpses and apparently got an older one.

6104 points
4176 moves

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lvl 7, Dlvl 6, Dwarf Valkyrie, killed by a gold golem, while helpless

Oh this was going to be so awesome. There was an alter of the first floor. And I converted a neutral alter on the third floor and then got Mjollnir. Sweet! I went all the way down to the Oracle for no particular reason. I stepped on a magic trap and got blinded. Damn (and now that I write this, I'm noticing a pattern). There was a giant bat and a soldier ant. Crap. I was able to engrave Elbereth even though I was blind, so I pulled through that. Then I went wandering around and came back and stepped on the same damn trap. Stupid! I even had a stethoscope. I love having a stethoscope.

5601 points
3873 moves

Lvl 5, Dlvl, 4, Dwarf Valkyrie, killed by a giant bat

I stepped on a magic trap, got blinded and then killed by the bat that was summoned by the trap.

1266 points

Lvl 8, Dlvl 8, Gnome Wizard, killed by a system shock

I'm just no good at playing a wizard. I always run out of power and then get stuck. I made it down to Minetown, barely, and was feeling pretty safe. It was really weird when I hit the first level of the Mines. I was a gnome so I felt fairly secure in venturing down. But when I got there, all I found was corpses. At first I thought a rolling boulder trap had taken out a few. But then it was just more corpses. Then I found the ghost of some samurai who had just ate it a few minutes earlier. Then everything made a lot more sense. So there were two ogres I had to run past to get to Minetown. Again I had a little bit to clean up once I got there, but things seemed okay. Until I got stuck in a corner with an orc zombie coming one way and an elf the other way. So I can't Elbereth my way out of it. Actually, I did. I started with a wand of slow monster so I zapped the elf and got the zombie running far enough with Elbereth that I made it out of the corner.

But shortly before that I had, in desperation, put on one of the rings I started with. It was a ring of polymorph. Not polymorph control, just polymorph. When I put it on, nothing happened. I never took it off. I got to the temple and was trying to close the door when I died.

Oh, and my cat, who later died in action with a centipede, stole some boots of speed for me. Awesome.

8235 points
4269 moves

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lvl 6, Dlvl 6, Human Tourist, killed by an imp

My kitten was killed falling into a pit on turn 68, doh! Sometime thereafter I survived 4 rothes and a gecko with Elbereth and darts. Not bad. I made it down to the oracle and ran into a giant ant and a zombie. Elbereth was fine until the elves showed up. I flashed the camera a few times and ran like hell.

The first floor of the mines had killer bee. I went back up a got a little dog. I stayed put on the stairs with Elbereth and the little dog handled most of the rest. 3 of the killers bees got killed by a rock trap running away from my Elbereth.

I got separated from the dog by a trap door. Then worn down by some gnomes before the imp finished me off. Not a bad run though.

2806 points
3235 moves

Lvl 8, Dlvl 9, Human Valkyrie, killed by a lecrotta

Was I blind? Either that or it was invisible. Anyhow, it was over quickly. And there were entirely too many trap doors.

6407 points
3699 moves

Lvl 11, Dlvl 6, Human Samurai, killed by a gargoyle

I completely cleared out the Gnomish Mines and was hanging out in Minetown trying to identify stuff. I had Snickersnee from sacrificing monsters out of a bag of tricks I found. This gargoyle came up and totally kicked my ass. I tried engraving Elbereth, but that didn't work. I didn't think to use the potion of extra healing I had on hand.

As a sidenote, it's a pain in the ass when you're lawful and can't kill any dwarfs for mithril or pickaxes.

60579 points
14872 moves

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lvl 15, Dlvl Quest 6, Killed by an ogre king while helpless

It was a great run. I technically finished the Quest, though I never made it off the level where the nemesis, Thoth Amon, was. I really should have zapped him with a wand of death right from the start. Instead I let him curse and destroy my helmet and cloak of displacement and blessed dwarvish mithril. Engraving Elbereth with a wand of fire kept all of the monsters he summoned away. So I did zap him and got the quest artifact. But there were a ton of monsters running around. And they kept summoning more with scrolls and wands. I stayed by the Elbereth and the altar that was there. I already had Cleaver and Trollsbane and got Dragonsbane from sacrificing trolls to get rid of the bodies.

Anyhow a vampire lord had been summoned and it was giving me trouble. On one of my forays to try and get rid of him he summoned some monsters with a wand. One of which landed on my Elbereth and didn't have room to move. Then I got hit with a potion of paralysis and it was all over.

I had telepathy for practically the whole game. But I never found a blindfold or a towel to use it. Idefix got polymorphed into an umber hulk which was cool. He dug up a lot of the Gnomish Mines. He also killed the priest in Minetown and some of the watchmen. Later he turned into an air elemental which was great for taking care of chickatrices. He also killed several shopkeepers, the Oracle, and the rest of the watch. He bought it in Sokoban. Must have polymorphed again.

It said that I extincted ogres after killing 208 of them. Which apparently didn't include the one standing on my Elbereth when I died.

408161 points
46423 turns

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lvl 10, Dlvl 9, Human Valkyrie, Killed by an ochre jelly

I ran into my dead tourist from the last game. Got a bunch of gold and a ton of cursed stuff. I had several large boxes which made for some nice stashes. I got down to the lowest level of the Gnomish Mines and found a vampire and a vampire lord. The vampire was pretty easy. The vampire lord I had to engrave Elbereth several times. I finally killed him after round 4 or 5. There was an ochre jelly in the room. No big deal I thought. I'll just pick up a few of the darts I'd thrown. Well I was already pretty low on hp from the vampire lord. The ochre jelly engulfed me and everything was over. Damn.

37865 points