Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lvl 15, Dlvl Quest 6, Killed by an ogre king while helpless

It was a great run. I technically finished the Quest, though I never made it off the level where the nemesis, Thoth Amon, was. I really should have zapped him with a wand of death right from the start. Instead I let him curse and destroy my helmet and cloak of displacement and blessed dwarvish mithril. Engraving Elbereth with a wand of fire kept all of the monsters he summoned away. So I did zap him and got the quest artifact. But there were a ton of monsters running around. And they kept summoning more with scrolls and wands. I stayed by the Elbereth and the altar that was there. I already had Cleaver and Trollsbane and got Dragonsbane from sacrificing trolls to get rid of the bodies.

Anyhow a vampire lord had been summoned and it was giving me trouble. On one of my forays to try and get rid of him he summoned some monsters with a wand. One of which landed on my Elbereth and didn't have room to move. Then I got hit with a potion of paralysis and it was all over.

I had telepathy for practically the whole game. But I never found a blindfold or a towel to use it. Idefix got polymorphed into an umber hulk which was cool. He dug up a lot of the Gnomish Mines. He also killed the priest in Minetown and some of the watchmen. Later he turned into an air elemental which was great for taking care of chickatrices. He also killed several shopkeepers, the Oracle, and the rest of the watch. He bought it in Sokoban. Must have polymorphed again.

It said that I extincted ogres after killing 208 of them. Which apparently didn't include the one standing on my Elbereth when I died.

408161 points
46423 turns


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