Monday, May 05, 2008

Lvl 30, Dlvl 29, Human Knight, petrified by a cockatice

Did you know that yesterday was the new moon. I do. Cause the cockatrice attack is guaranteed on new moons. I didn't get the lizard corpse out in time.

This was my absolute best game ever. I could cast Identify with a 0% fail rate. I had finally found some gauntlets of power, it was rocking. I sacrificed and got Grayswandir. I had run into about 6 nurses in various places and got my hp up over 300. Via several sucubi I was level 30 before I went past the Valley of the Dead, where I died on the first level thereafter.

There's a priest of Moloch in the valley and I wanted his robe as a backup. There happened to be a Jabberwock standing next to him when I saw him the second time. I slipped my ring of conflict on and he was gone in a hurry. I was wearing green dragon scale mail as it was the only kind I had found so far. The a silver dragon finally dropped some scales.

This was gonna be the one. But that frickin' cockatrice got me. Bummer.

1272618 points
89502 moves


Blogger Victor Hugo said...

Yeah, moons can bring some really bad luck sometimes, although I've had a lot of good luck in new moons lately.
My worst death by cockatrices was when I killed one, then I found a dust vortex, got blind and you can guess what came later... Never mind, one day I will ascend, I just need to keep trying! :D

9:55 PM  
Blogger Annaofc said...

Oh that sucks:(
What I hate most is "bad things can happen on friday the 13th"
I had a really good game but I didn't think friday the 13th was so bad. I was wrong.
My brother just ascended. Damn him I wanted to be the first of us.
Well bye bye:D

2:46 AM  

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