Friday, April 25, 2008

Lvl 12, Dlvl 6, Elf Priest, killed by an air elemental

This one started off real bad. I wanted to play an elf and decided to try a priest as I hadn't done one of those in some time. My kitten died on turn 47. There was a ring shop and I figured at least one mimic so I was trying to be careful. Turns out there were 2 small mimics and one giant mimic and about 9 killer bees heading down the hallway. I survived that. Lots of Elbereth. Fortunately healing was one of my starting spells.

I made it down to Minetown where I sacrificed 3 unicorns and got Orcrist and Sting. Which was awesome as those became unrestricted to me. So I had some decent weapons. The lower mine got dangerous really quick so I went down to the Oracle. In that vicinity I found a spellbook of identify. Oh yeah. That was awesome. No more guessing. I cleared out Sokoban and went back to Minetown hoping to dilute some stuff and get some more holy water.

An air elemental happened by and things were over fairly quick. Which sucked as this was going great.

93761 points
20661 moves


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