Monday, May 05, 2008

Lvl 30, Dlvl 29, Human Knight, petrified by a cockatice

Did you know that yesterday was the new moon. I do. Cause the cockatrice attack is guaranteed on new moons. I didn't get the lizard corpse out in time.

This was my absolute best game ever. I could cast Identify with a 0% fail rate. I had finally found some gauntlets of power, it was rocking. I sacrificed and got Grayswandir. I had run into about 6 nurses in various places and got my hp up over 300. Via several sucubi I was level 30 before I went past the Valley of the Dead, where I died on the first level thereafter.

There's a priest of Moloch in the valley and I wanted his robe as a backup. There happened to be a Jabberwock standing next to him when I saw him the second time. I slipped my ring of conflict on and he was gone in a hurry. I was wearing green dragon scale mail as it was the only kind I had found so far. The a silver dragon finally dropped some scales.

This was gonna be the one. But that frickin' cockatrice got me. Bummer.

1272618 points
89502 moves

Lvl 7, Dlvl 4 (Sokoban), Human Healer, Killed by a bolt of lightning

I hadn't tried a healer for as long as I could remember so I gave it a shot. And I was thinking that I usually die somewhere in the Mines so maybe I should stay the hell out of there for a while. This game I went for Sokoban and was doing quite well. Cleared out the treasure zoo and had the bag of holding. There was this nymph. I cornered her and Sokoban is a no teleport level. Then she stole all my wands and started zapping me with them. One of them was a wand of lightning.

7403 points
8435 moves

Lvl5, Dlvl 5, Human Rogue, killed by a wand

Some random orc had a wand.

1689 points
2017 moves