Monday, April 21, 2008

Lvl 6, Dlvl 6, Human Tourist, killed by an imp

My kitten was killed falling into a pit on turn 68, doh! Sometime thereafter I survived 4 rothes and a gecko with Elbereth and darts. Not bad. I made it down to the oracle and ran into a giant ant and a zombie. Elbereth was fine until the elves showed up. I flashed the camera a few times and ran like hell.

The first floor of the mines had killer bee. I went back up a got a little dog. I stayed put on the stairs with Elbereth and the little dog handled most of the rest. 3 of the killers bees got killed by a rock trap running away from my Elbereth.

I got separated from the dog by a trap door. Then worn down by some gnomes before the imp finished me off. Not a bad run though.

2806 points
3235 moves


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