Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lvl 7, Dlvl 6, Dwarf Valkyrie, killed by a gold golem, while helpless

Oh this was going to be so awesome. There was an alter of the first floor. And I converted a neutral alter on the third floor and then got Mjollnir. Sweet! I went all the way down to the Oracle for no particular reason. I stepped on a magic trap and got blinded. Damn (and now that I write this, I'm noticing a pattern). There was a giant bat and a soldier ant. Crap. I was able to engrave Elbereth even though I was blind, so I pulled through that. Then I went wandering around and came back and stepped on the same damn trap. Stupid! I even had a stethoscope. I love having a stethoscope.

5601 points
3873 moves


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